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Text to 911 service is now available throughout Newton County. In emergency situations, you can now send text messages directly to 911 for help.

Diversity: One of the many things that keeps our community strong.

The communities we serve are very diverse. In fact, there are over ten different nationalities represented in Newton County. Covington-Newton County 9-1-1 utilizes a Language line to translate calls received from persons that may not speak English as their primary language. Accessibility is also a priority here. Covington-Newton County 9-1-1 utilizes an integrated phone system with a TTY/TDD to communicate with deaf, hearing and speech impaired persons that call 9-1-1.

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With you on our team,
The future starts now.

If you aspire to become a Communications Officer, that proves you value human life and have the desire to help others. Covington-Newton County 9-1-1 is the agency for you! The Covington-Newton 9-1-1 Training Academy, can mold you into a successful Communications Officer. Not everyone attains the title, but with determination, desire and the proper training, your career can start now!

Here's how it works...

For more information on the application, hiring process and qualifications contact us!


You can count on the members of Covington-Newton 9-1-1 to be there to answer the call, whether it be on the phone or over the radio.

A few of our community service projects

911 Connections is an attempt to really make a connection with the youth of our community. This program is designed to go into our local schools and teach our community's youth about 911. The organization was established in 1994, and has uniquely distinguished itself as the only public safety education program to be endorsed and supported by: APCO International. To learn more, call 678-342-8790.

Covington-Newton 911 is proud to support Badge of Life. Badge of Life is a 501 (c) 3, Not-For- Profit organization whose focus is on educating and training law enforcement on mental health and suicide prevention. Learn more

A Child is Missing is an informative program that discusses a new system to locate missing children, handicap and elderly persons. This program is hosted by Covington-Newton County 911 Center who is more than willing to come to your group or function and discuss this program and its many benefits. To contact the Covington-Newton County 911 Center call 678-342-8790 and leave a message or by Email.


These are just a few of the professionals working together to make our community safer for all.

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