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Covington-Newton County 911 is an Equal Opportunity Employer
To want to become a Covington-Newton County 911 Center employee is a noble career choice. A choice that means you value human life and safety and desire to help other people. However, desire to help isn't enough and not everyone can handle the every day stresses of being a 911 dispatcher. If you feel that a career in 911 is your calling, there are a number of steps you must go through in the process. It must be noted here that just because we accept your application and put you through the process it does not mean that we currently have a position vacant. OUR RECRUITMENT IS ONGOING. We try to maintain a hiring pool at all times in the event we need to hire someone quickly. THERE ARE NO APPLICATION DEADLINES.

Covington-Newton County 911 is an Equal Opportunity Employer
The Hiring Process

The hiring process begins when you complete your application and background packet and turn it into the City of Covington Personnel Office. Applications and packets are available at the City of Covington Personnel officer during their normal, weekday, business hours. Or, you can download the application right here, from our website. You must submit a COMPLETE packet or you will not be considered further. DO NOT LIE ON, OR INTENTIONALLY OMIT ANYTHING FROM YOUR APPLICATION OR BACKGROUND PACKET. THIS WILL DISQUALIFY YOU FOR EMPLOYMENT WITH OUR CENTER.

Application Instructions
Employment Application
Background Packet

Once a number of applications have been received they will be reviewed by the personnel office for completeness and that the candidates meet the basic job requirements outlined in the job description for the position that you are applying for. Job descriptions can be obtained from the City of Covington Personnel Office, or here from our website. Once your application has been accepted you will be notified by phone and email. Applicants that make it through this portion of the process will then be scheduled to return for a day of testing. Testing will include a data entry test and a written test of basic comprehension. If you do not pass the data entry test you will not be asked to take the basic comprehension test. If you fail either one of these tests you are not considered for candidacy any further at this time.

Once you have passed your testing, you will be scheduled for a panel interview. This interview will be in front of a number of experienced dispatchers and a representative from the City of Covington personnel office. This battery of standard questions helps the hiring panel discover your knowledge of your chosen career path, and whether the nature of the work environment at the Covington-Newton County 911 Center would be condusive for you.

Those applicants chosen after the panel interview will be scheduled for an interview with the Director of the 911 Center and a representative of the City of Covington Personnel Office.

The Director of the 911 center and the hiring panel, with recommendation from the City of Covington personnel office, will determine who is to receive a conditional job offer at this point and will extend such. Conditional job offers are conditional upon the successful completion of a number of additional items. Applicants must successfully pass a voice stress test, a pre-employment physical, a pre-employment drug screening, and a pre-employment psychological evaluation. If you fail to adequately complete any of these areas the conditional job offer will be withdrawn.

Once you have successfully completed all of the above listed items then the final selection of candidates to hire will be made.

If you have any questions about our hiring process you may direct them to Trudy Henry, Operations Manager at 678-342-8790 or by email at

Covington-Newton County 911 is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Immediate Disqualifiers

There are a number of areas that we here at the 911 center see as immediate disqualifiers. These are things that, since this is a job of public trust, show a blatant disrespect for the laws we are here to assist with.

* Any felony conviction.

* Any Lie or Intentional Omission on your Application

There are some other immediate disqualifiers that may apply. If you have any question concerning anything that you feel may disqualify you, direct your question to the City of Covington Personnel Office.