Our Diverse Community

The community that the Covington-Newton County 911 Communications Center serves is a very diverse community. We serve over 10 different nationalities within our county and with each nationality it's own language. We have need on occassion to utilize the services of a Language line in order to translate for the citizens that may not speak english as their primary language. We value the diversity in this community and feel that this diversity makes Covington and Newton County a wonderful place to live and raise children. Many of our dispatchers have children that attend schools within the county and many of our dispatchers attend churches within the county.

In addition to the many nationalities, there are also numerous faiths that are represented within our county and with each faith there exists a different view of what is right and what is wrong. We must be able to communicate with all of the people who call us for service, without placing judgement on someone because of their nationality or faith. We service everyone equally and without prejudice.

Newton County and the City of Covington constantly reach out to the community at large and hold events that embrace all citizens. There are celebrations of cultural music on the square in Covington throughout the summer and into the fall. There are multi-cultural celebrations that embrace the cultural differences of citizens that come from various places from around the world. There are car shows, music nights, movie nights, a local fair, and any number of other cultural events that citizens can attend and enjoy.

If you want to know more about what is offered within the county in the way of events you may visit the chamber of commerce web site (www.newtonchamber.com) or call the chamber at 770-786-7510. You may also visit our links page for some inportant local links also.

In addition to the many cultural events that are held there are also a number of events that are aimed simply at families and children. The county library offers a number of events that encourage children to pursue reading and also attempt to provide computer exposure to kids that may not have one at home. Most people don't know that they can utilize the services of the internet at their local library.

The county has parades at various times throughout the year as does the City of Covington and the City of Oxford. On July Fourth there are always fireworks to watch and celebrate our Nation's birthday.

All in all Newton County and the City of Covington, as well as all of the other smaller towns and communities within the area, do their best to make sure that this area is for us, all of us, no matter where we come from.