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Have you ever been curious about how 911 works? Have you ever wondered how your call for help gets from the person you talk to on the 911 line to the person who comes to help you at your house? Have you ever wondered what is involved with the day to day operation of a 911 center? If you answered any of these questions yes, or if you have a question in your head that has always intriqued you about this kind of work, then this is the place for you.

Ask 911 was developed to allow anyone the ability to ask any question about 911 services and operations. Obviously, if we cannot answer your question due to confidentiality or security reasons then we will let you know. Submit your question by following the link below. Your question will go straight to our Director and he will get you an answer.

Please remember that this is not a forum for trying to figure out what happened down the street from your house on Friday night. It is, however, a forum for getting your curiosities about 911 (the job, operations, etc.) answered. As always we look forward to hearing from you.

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