A Child is Missing Alert works with all child safety programs.

A Child is Missing Alert is activated often before the Amber Alert (stranger abductions of children) in that ACIM assists in ALL missing cases, such as children that are abducted, lost, wander-offs, or run-aways, in addition to elderly (often with Alzheimer's) and mentally challenged, college students or disabled individuals.

Generates 1000 calls in 60 seconds

As a first responder, this is one of the fastest and most effective programs law enforcement can activate in the critical first hours of a missing case.

Upon request from law enforcement agencies, A Child is Missing Alert launches their neighborhood calling program to the area surrounding the location of loss. A Child is Missing's individually recorded message gives a telephone number for citizens to call the police directly with information about the missing person.

No Jurisdictional Boundaries to adhere to

If law enforcement enlarges the area to be searched - A Child is Missing, because it is private, can rapidly cross lines of jurisdiction to go nationwide if necessary. A Child is Missing Alert is a good public/private partnership. Community involvement, positive public relations impact, law enforcement training and community awareness programs make for a successful program.

Law Enforcement needs NO special equipment or personnel to activate A Child is Missing Alert

Only law enforcement initiates the call to A Child is Missing Alert operations center.....this center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

A target calling area is chosen based on where the person was last seen and a call database is selected from a data bank of phone numbers stored in the computer. A satellite mapping program enables ACIM to see the area where the person went missing.

A Child is Missing technicians log the pertinent information from the officer and makes an individually recorded message to be sent out to residents and businesses by phone asking citizens to help in the search by checking their premises.

The recorded message is broadcast to neighborhood phones. The ACIM technician remains in contact with the agency until the case is resolved.

For more information about A Child is Missing Alert visit their website here.